5 Mountains Keeping You From Your Peak Performance

Uncategorized Jun 04, 2021

 When it comes to our performance as professionals, we all have endured setbacks. In my coaching environment, we call those setbacks "chains."

There is a huge difference between setbacks and excuses, though it is true that setbacks can be used as excuses. But in my experience of coaching and training, I've come across 5 very common setbacks that I've seen hold great people back from accomplishing some very impressive feats. And what's most interesting about these 5 mountains, is that I've been held back from every single one of them throughout my career.

But let me encourage you that as soon as you overcome these mountains, you better get ready. Because, here comes your PEAK PERFORMANCE. 

Here are the 5 Mountains Keeping You From Your Peak Performance. Shall we begin?

1. No Set or Defined Goals

We all run into roadblocks occasionally. But what keeps the winners from staying there is that they have clear and defined goals. Whether you’re a business owner,...

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